Women's Golf Season Preview

Women's Golf Team Photo 2012-13
Women's Golf Team Photo 2012-13
UCSC Women's Golf has started its 2012-2013 season.  With five new players (four Freshmen and one Junior transfer), the team is young and has fresh talent to add to the roster.  They are playing three qualifying rounds this week to determine who will be on the travelling team.  Eight players are vying for the top five spots to travel, so competition is tough and the scores are close.  After the results of the first two rounds at Pasatiempo and Pajaro Valley Golf Courses, the team has one more 18-hole round to determine the official roster.  At the end of this week, they will be heading to Texas and Minnesota, where they will be participating in the Lady Bulldog Fall Classic hosted by Texas Lutheran University and the Division III Classic hosted by Carleton College.

Rapiva Losakul 164
Charlene Dahlstrom 171
Emily Stephens 173
Alice Trisri 177
Angela McElroy 177
Yukari Shichishima 179
Rachel Pae 186
Heather LaVergne 203