Wildcats Defeat Banana Slugs

Wildcats Defeat Banana Slugs

REDLANDS (3-29) – The Banana Slugs played their second match of a three-match road trip as took on Division III #24 Linfield College in Redlands. The Wildcats won five out of the six singles matches that were played and won 8-1.

Both teams won their last match. The Banana Slugs won 7-2 over Whittier College in Whittier on Monday while the Wildcats won 5-4 over University of Redlands in Redlands on Tuesday.

The Wildcats won five singles matches while the Banana Slugs won one. The tightest singles match of the day was the #6 singles match between Lauren Sandifer of the Banana Slugs and Alysse Nakasato of the Wildcats. Sandifer defeated Nakasato 3-6, 6-4, 11-9.

"It's great to be healthy and strong and back on court! I'm grateful to be able to compete alongside my teammates," Sandifer said. "We have gotten a lot closer on the road together. It's been a great mix of hard work and fun!" 

The Wildcats won all three doubles matches that were played. The tightest doubles match was the #2 doubles match where Linfield's Harris and Uyeda defeated Isabelle Brown and Therese Recidoro 9-8 (8-6).

"Linfield was a great test against the highest ranked opponent we've seen so far this year. I think the Slugs surprised themselves at how close we were on several of the courts today," said head coach Amy Jensen. "This match gives us great confidence that we can continue to claw our way towards becoming a Nationally Ranked team."

The full results:

#1 Singles         Ella Riddle (LIN)                     def.      Ashley Isaac (UCSC)                6-1, 6-1            

#2 Singles         Elsa Harris (LIN)                    def.      Kayla Manz (UCSC)                 6-3, 6-3            

#3 Singles         Michelle Uyeda (LIN)              def.      Therese Recidoro (UCSC)         6-0, 6-2

#4 Singles         Riley Clayeux (LIN)                def.      Isabelle Brown (UCSC)            7-6, 6-3            

#5 Singles         Marisa Doveri (LIN)                def.      Savana McDowell (UCSC)        6-2, 3-0 (Ret)  

#6 Singles         Lauren Sandifer (UCSC)          def.      Alysse Nakasato (LIN)             3-6, 6-4, 11-9

#1 Doubles       Kopecka/Riddle (LIN)              def.      Isaac/Smekalina (UCSC)          8-1

#2 Doubles       Harris/Uyeda (LIN)                 def.      Brown/Recidoro (UCSC)            9-8 (8-6)         

#3 Doubles       Clayeux/Fujimori (LIN)            def.     McDowell/Sandifer (UCSC)        8-6      

The Banana Slugs' next match is tomorrow as they take on ITA/NCAA Division III #25 University of Redlands in Redlands.