Women's Basketball trip to Spain, Travel Blog-Part Four

Women's Basketball trip to Spain, Travel Blog-Part Four

Emily Mitchell, UCSC Women's Basketball Player, updates us on the team's preseason trip to Spain.

Last day in Spain and in my opinion, one of the best. We started off our day with our last game of the trip. The other team was solid and played with us during parts of the game. But once we consistently moved the ball around, played inside-out, drove to the basket to create contact and started hitting shots, we were pretty unstoppable. 

For today's trip, we visited Montserrat, the mountain range in Barcelona that is 1,236 meters above sea level and home to a monastery dating back to the 10th century and is still in use by a number of monks. Once we arrived, some of us took the tram up the mountainside towards the hiking trails and mountain top views. Others, myself included, started by visiting the monastery and the art museum which was filled with famous paintings. The monastery, however seemed like the true art museum. Outside of the church walls were statues of curious saints. Also, around the edges were lines and lines of prayer candles for tourists to light. Once inside the church, you couldn't help but look at every wall, piece of ceiling and all the sections of the altar. Unique paintings and figures were in small prayer alcoves all around the church pews. One of them happened to be a painting done by our tour guide Clive's friend! 

The art museum was a maze of amazing pieces of work. I could have spent hours in there if we had the time to. 

Our time in Spain has come to an end. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to play basketball internationally, go 3-0 and explore Spain while doing it! We also want to thank our tour guide Clive for showing us around everywhere, even if we did complain sometimes, or fall asleep in the bus during the history lessons. 

This trip was a definite success and we couldn't be more excited for this upcoming season! Go Slugs!