Women's Basketball trip to Spain, Travel Blog- Part Two

Women's Basketball trip to Spain, Travel Blog- Part Two

Emily Mitchell, UCSC Women's Basketball Player, updates us on the team's preseason trip to Spain.


Using the second day of our Spain trip as a free day to wander around, our team chose to explore the heart of Barcelona. We walked down La Rambla street and received a history lesson from our tour guide Clive about the people that used to live here. The giant buildings we saw were once used as houses for entire families. On La Rambla is where the city of Barcelona extended city walls, diverting the water and moving the waterfront, resulting in the street formation. La Rambla is home to many historic buildings, a diverse group of museums, churches and La Boqueria, full of fruits, candies, meats and drinks. After exploring the market place, the Banana Slugs made our way to the larger-than-life Cathedral of Barcelona. It was picturesque!

For lunch, we had amazing Italian food in Plaza de Real. The majority of our afternoon was shopping for souvenirs and unique gifts to bring home. One of the best free days we could have asked for! 


Girona, the city built on three rivers, and my favorite spot so far. The Slugs hopped off the bus and instantly fell in love with the scenery. We walked over the bridge into the city, ready to explore. Clive walked us to the Cathedral of Girona, picturesque on the outside yet it is recognized for a tapestry it has inside- a Romanesque panel of needlework dating back to the 11th century. And for the Game of Thrones fans, scenes from the final season were filmed at the Cathedral and other various spots in Girona! We made our way past the Cathedral and up through Roman building ruins.

exploring the Roman ruins in Girona
For the breathtaking view, we walked down the narrow Passeig Arqueologia until we reached the town, taking in the beautiful mountains and rooftops of Girona. Once we finished the walk, some of us decided to visit the Arab baths and the Museum of Archeology, and others went to the Museum of Jewish History. We all enjoyed wandering around the historical and magnificent city, and after a full day, we were ready to get back to the beaches in Caella to watch the Spanish sunset. The History professors at Santa Cruz would be very interested in what we learned that day!