Robert Terrance
Robert Terrance
Title: Volunteer Strength and Conditioning Coach
Robert Terrance is a strength and conditioning coach in his fifth season with the Slugs basketball staff.  He specializes in athletic performance with emphasis on speed, balance, power, endurance, and functional strength. Additionally, he combines functional movements and breathing techniques from various martial arts to increase neurological response in reactive time, coordination, and recovery time.
Robert has had the opportunity to work with elite trainers as they prepared amateur and professional athletes for a variety of sports. This included preparation for NFL combine, World Championship fights in boxing and the UFC. Additionally he worked with athletes in football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, boxing, MMA fighting, Brazilian jujitsu and more. His theories and concepts of sports performance training are strongly based on those founded by famous sports scientist Dr. Yuri Verkhonshansky and Dr. Michael Yessis, where the emphasis is placed more on functional neurological efficiency for sport than isolated muscle development.
Robert has more than 8 years as a personal trainer and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine; with specializations in sports performance and corrective exercise.  Robert has more than 30 years of martial arts experience, and is a USA certified boxing trainer.  He continues to research and incorporate new and innovative methods of training designed to enhance athletic performance and overall body agility.

Currently, he conducts training sessions in Watsonville and Santa Cruz at Noble-Moreno Boxing and Kaijin Jujitsu. 

Robert holds a BA in in Sociology from UCSC and a Juris Doctorate from Hastings College of Law.