Sports Medicine Internship

The application period for the internship is currently CLOSED. The application will open again in February 2019. 

UC Santa Cruz Athletic Training accepts a limited number of UCSC undergraduate student aides each academic year. Student Aides will be only be admitted in the Fall Quarter and must have sophomore, junior, or senior academic standing by the time of the admittance to the program. Junior-transfer students may also apply. Students with freshman academic standing at the time of admittance to the program but who hold a strong interest in pursuing Athletic Training as a career may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please see below for instructions if you would like to apply.  For further inquiry, please contact Caitlin Dios, MS, ATC at


The UCSC Sports Medicine Student Aide Program offers students who are strongly interested in entering the healthcare field with the opportunity to learn more about Athletic Training and Sports Medicine through clinical and academic experiences with the Intercollegiate Athletics Athletic Trainers on campus. The potential candidate will work directly under the Certified Athletic Trainers. Our goal is to teach the aides the skills needed to function and interact in a healthcare setting. We also strive to provide our aides with hands-on clinical experiences while providing them with a foundational knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and athletic pathologies.

Application Process:
  • Complete 4 hours of observation in the Athletic Training Clinic by TBA.
    • Sign Up Sheet

- Submit the following via e-mail (preferred) or in person to the East Athletic Training Clinic:

YOU MUST OBSERVE AT LEAST 4 HOURS IN THE CLINIC BEFORE WE WILL REVIEW YOUR APPLICATION. Your application packet with all materials must be submitted to the East Athletic Training Clinic no later than TBA.  

If your application packet is selected, you will be invited to come into the clinic for an interview after TBA.  

The ideal applicant:

1) Exhibits a strong interest in the sports medicine field.

2) Is able to commit to an entire school year starting Fall quarter.

3) Is able to commit to training days during summer break, 6 hrs./week in the clinic, and 3 home events/month, and event coverage during campus breaks.