Seth Kantor
Seth Kantor
Title: Assistant Coach
Phone: 831-459-4537

Mary Ryniewicz and Seth Kantor were co-head coaches for the slugs from 1989 to 1996.

Their teams earned national rankings from 1993 through 1996 with one appearance at the

Kalamazoo Nationals in 1994. Mary and Seth were responsible for bringing the UCSC club team

to a NCAA Division lll team in their first year as coaches.


Both coaches have extensive competitive experience. They have both competed in USTA

tournaments sectionally and nationally. They each played for Cabrillo Junior College in Aptos,

California. Mary was a student athlete for UCSC before it became a NCAA lll team returning

the very next year after graduation to coach. Mary was ranked nationally in the USTA seniors in

the top ten for several years and was chosen to represent the Northern California Seniors team

on numerous occasions.


The most important aspect to Mary and Seth’s coaching goals is to foster conditions in which

student athletes can learn to get the best out of themselves maximizing their potential in tennis

and life. Building on becoming a competitive athlete while developing awareness, focus and

psychological strength which contributes to each individual having a champion’s attitude on and

off the court.