Men's Soccer Program Philosophy

The UC Santa Cruz Men's Soccer Program is driven by two goals. The first is to win a National Championship! Since the year 2000, UC Santa Cruz Men's Soccer has built one of the most well respected and competitive programs in the country, and we enter every season with the goal of brining the National Championship home to UC Santa Cruz. We enter everyday of training and every game with that goal in mind, but as always we view our results as an extension, not the definition of our character. We accept that we cannot control the outcome of a season, but we affirm that we can control our approach. We choose to approach each season as champions do, with intense desire, a great love for each other, and the game.

The second and more important goal is to seek our full potential on the soccer field and in all areas of our lives. We affirm that we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. The Slug Soccer program cultivates and builds the habit of performing our very best every single day, in everything we do. We challenge each other physically, mentally and spiritually to improve and find new levels of greatness within.

As Slugs we believe that the things that it takes to be successful on the soccer field are some of the very same things that it takes to be successful in life, and the true measure of the Slugs Soccer program will never be at the end of a season, but tens of years down the line as the people that this program produces touch the lives of those around them.